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Rock Out with Your Kid

Kid listening to music

If I hear "Mary Had a Little Lamb" one more time, I might scream. In fact, I might be one "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" away from a breakdown.


Joe Jackson: Look at the Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson
The death of a child is one of the most devastating events a parent can go through, and the lack of emotion from Michael Jackson's father is frightening.


Birthday Traditions Around the World

child hitting a pinata
It's hard to believe that my little boy will be a year old in August. As we set out to start planning his first birthday party, here's a look at how other parents, in different parts of the world, celebrate.


Mess Is Best

messy kid

As I sit here, watching my 10-month-old trying to feed himself dinner, I realize that being a mother and a clean freak do not mix. Before my son, everything had a place and everything was in its place -- so to speak. Not anymore.


Is Marital Bliss a Bust?

upset couple in bed
What do REAL women think of their own marriages? Momlogic asked its readers to share their thoughts about a recent survey that reported most women are less than thrilled with their marriage.


Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding -- It's ON!

womand breastfeeding and woman bottle feeding

I am astonished by how good we are, as women, at tearing each other down when really we should be building each other up. We are all part of the same team, and our ventures into motherhood should only strengthen that bond.


Stroller Envy

woman jealous of a stroller

Call me naïve, but I also had NO clue that some strollers could cost upwards of $1,200. That's a good portion of our rent, several months of groceries, a few months' worth of gas, or cases of diapers. I could go on. I'm sure you could too.


Breastfeeding Is Not for Me

mom feeding her baby

Nine months ago, I gave birth to my beautiful son, Joseph. Long before I knew I was pregnant, I was sure of one thing: that I would not be breastfeeding.