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christina montoya fiedler

Who's El Raton and WHY is He in My Kid's Room??

Joseph has teeth! Two beautiful, sharp, bottom teeth that give a goofy quality to his drooly little smile.


Confessions of a Latina Mama

No hablo espaƱol. It's true. I do not speak Spanish, although everyone assumes I do -- and berates me because I don't.


La Cuarentena

When I first had my son Joseph, my grandma told me that in her day, her mother wouldn't have let her out of the house unless two months had passed since she had the baby.


Comida, Glorious, Comida -- Baby's First Meal!

I come from a big Mexican family -- loud, lively and wonderful and, for us, food has always been a central part of our lives. It's the smell that invites you home after a long day at work, comforts you in times of sorrow; the smell that lets you know the holidays are coming or that special guests are about to arrive. Food is an occasion in and of itself in our household.