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Help! I've Eaten All My Kids' Snacks!

woman eating potato chips
Is there a name for moms like me who can't resist eating a bag of goldfish in one sitting?


The Idea of Planning Ahead Tortures Me

woman freaking out
In the past, whenever I felt the magnetic pull of mothers who ran their lives with year-at-a-glance calendars, I would hear that expression in my head about "the best-laid plans" -- you know, how they blow up in your face ....


Halloween Question: 'What's a Sexy Witch, Mommy?'

Sexy witch costume
"Hey, Mom, what's a sexy witch?" my second grade son asked me this afternoon -- the downside of his having learned to read ....


Time to Move to a Cul de Sac?

police helicopter
Just because I need a thrill when I walk outside my door doesn't mean I can risk my kids getting bullets through their heads as they lie in bed. 


One Mom's Mixed Feelings about Back-to-School Time

school bus
For reasons best known by the Los Angeles Unified School District, my children have another two weeks before they sharpen their pencils and sit behind desks. 


'You're Not Pregnant': Age 25 vs. Age 45

pregnancy test
Unlike my brush with motherhood in my 20's, feelings of relief did not envelop me like a warm blanket of fudge sauce when I learned that I wasn't pregnant after all. I actually felt very sad. Not for the loss of the imagined baby (although that was part of it), but for the realization that not only was I not pregnant, but I never would be again.


Mom Reviews the New Kinect Xbox 360

xbox kinect 360

If the games inspire kids to want to experience the real thing, sport, outing, dance, yoga or "Star Wars" battle (OK, maybe not that last one) -- all of which the Kinect Xbox 360 includes -- how could this be a bad thing?


To Facebook or Not to Facebook

Man with laptop drinking coffee

The other day, my husband quoted me on his Facebook "wall." It was a comment I'd made between bites of toast that I never thought would end up public. I was NOT pleased!