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dani klein

I Need a Boob Job!

woman looking at the mirror

I need a boob job. There, I said it. (Or at least I wrote it.)


An Account of One's Own

couple with credit card

If, in 1929, Virginia Woolf insisted that every woman needs a room of her own, then I would like to assert that, in 2010, a bank account of one's own also goes a long way toward peace of mind in a mother's life. (Or even a mattress in the room that you can stuff ....)


Is THIS Really Summer Vacation?

tired mom at the beach with kids

So, it's art class from 9 AM to noon the second week of July, "Summerkids" camp for 10 days in August (no bus, and it's two towns away) and YMCA camp from 9 AM to 2 PM for two weeks in August -- but I can't for the life of me remember which camp is which weeks. I don't know if it counts as summer vacation if your kids are scheduled every hour of the day.


Parents of Gifted Kids: SHUT UP!

Mystified Mom
My boys are suckers for SpongeBob, but what really gets them excited is iCarly. It has dawned on me that my permissiveness in exposing my kids to pop culture might be putting them at an intellectual disadvantage?


Marriage: Team Players Only, Please

happy couple talking

Marriage is when you go from an "I" to a "we." And that transition hasn't always been comfortable.

Dani Klein Modisett: I never felt like the marrying kind when I was single, so I dated like-minded souls -- actors, comics and even people with regular jobs who were wounded enough to always keep me at arm's length. But after my father died, the narcissistic "geniuses" who filled my dance card became a lot less sexy. In fact, they were downright exhausting. That's when I started going out with different kinds of men -- men who showed up on time and noticed when I was in the room.


Not Rich, but Also Not Alone

mom and son on couch

The recession has taught me how to see my circumstances in a whole new light.


School Fundraising Burnout, Anyone?

Tired looking mom

Can I say that my eyeballs are red and my hair is falling out from the most aggressive fundraising I have ever experienced?


I'm a Toddler-Pleaser

woman thinking of baby

Giving toddlers everything they want is a sure path to spoiled brat-dom or at worst, death. But sometimes I just can't help myself.