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I'm a Recession Maniac!

My husband asked me last night what I wanted for Hanukkah and I jokingly responded, "Gee I don't know honey, how about we just figure out how to pay our bills?" To which he said, "Great idea!" That was easy. But not very fun. How do I let the recession not suck the joy out of this holiday season?


Happy? Who? Me?

We just got back from vacation. We haven't done anything as a family that hasn't involved working, or a meal, in five years. But in this awful financial climate, our timing couldn't have been worse.


I'm One Cranky Mommy

"Fancy Hat Day." "Crazy Shoe Day." "Whacky Hair Day." These are just a few of the events listed on the annual calendar at my son's school. Isn't sitting and doing homework every day enough of a show of my love for my kindergartner? Do I also have to remember to spray paint his Keds or, worse, his hair?


Hey Pregnant Man: You're a Lady!

I hate to break up the publicity party but, and I know I'm not the first person to make this claim: Thomas Beatie is simply not a man.


Older Mommy Lament

I recently got an invitation to my 25th High School Reunion. I opened it while I was feeding my baby. Which made me think, "who has a baby 25 years after graduating from high school?" I quickly (actually slowly because I suck at math) did the calculation and discovered I'll be 63 at my son's high school graduation.


Kindness is for Losers, Right?

Guest blogger Dani Klein Modisett: "You fix it! YOU FIX IT MOOOOM!" My son's best friend screamed at his mother halfway through our last playdate. His toy was oozing in a way he found displeasing. The woman blushed at being yelled at by her son like an army drill sergeant in front of me. I played with my baby and acted like I didn't notice how rude the boy was behaving.


Life Lessons from AM Radio

Guest blogger Dani Klein Modisett: I listen to AM talk radio because I am in the car a lot -- and NPR gives me narcolepsy. Also, I take to heart the expression, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 


Greed is a Good Thing

Guest blogger Dani Klein Modisett: In a culture currently driven to self-destruction by ambition and greed, does it make me simple-minded to think that what I have is enough?