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No, Virginia, There Isn't a Santa Claus

Santa Claus
My daughter trusted me when I said I would never lie to her, so at age 11, she still believed in Santa with her whole heart. Why wouldn't she? I had been creating the illusion her entire life.


Does Attachment Parenting Create Oversensitive Kids?

mom and baby
Children who grow up in extremely nurturing environments can be more compassionate, which is wonderful, but they can also be overly sensitive.


My Child Doesn't Believe in God. Is It My Fault?

kid inside a church
My 11-year-old daughter told me last week that she does not believe in God. She said it firmly, said that she stands by it and that a lot of people feel the way she does. I didn't know whether to feel extremely proud of her intelligence and strength to stand by her beliefs, or wonder if I had failed somewhere by not taking her to church or temple service. 


'DWTS' Took Advantage of Bristol Palin!

Bristol Palin
During Monday night's episode of "Dancing with the Stars," I felt both compassion and discomfort for Bristol Palin.


The New SAHMs

yoga teacher
There is a new type of stay-at-home mom these days: We don't stay at home at all. We're up at six in the morning, making breakfast, packing healthy lunches and then driving our children to school. In the afternoon, we're studying for additional degrees, planning balanced meals and bringing in extra income as writers, realtors or yoga teachers. Then we're picking up our children from school.


Vacationing with a Smartphone Not So Smart

When I brought it with me on our family vacation to Yosemite recently, the only thing my smartphone was good for was playing Danny Kaye's rendition of "The Ugly Ducking" for my 4-year-old niece over and over again.


'Mad Men' Reminds Us How NOT to Raise Kids

Mad Men
Don and Betty Draper's parenting mistakes must be obvious to any generation. Their children ride without seatbelts, play in dry-cleaning bags and were told of their parents' divorce in a scene devoid of any real comfort or empathy. Their young daughter, Sally, can mix a Tom Collins like a pro. There is little nurturing by either parent -- except when one of the adults needs it.


Being a Nanny Made Me a Better Mom

woman with two kids

I learned how to make organic baby food from scratch, how to clean an air purifier without chemicals and how to tell if a baby had a fever by kissing her forehead.