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What I Learned from Tiger's Press Conference

Tiger Woods

Yep. He's still a d-bag.


Heartbreak in Haiti: Clinton Needs Your Help

bill clinton in haiti

Over a week has passed since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti and aid is finally beginning to reach those who need it. Today we followed up with former President Bill Clinton, UN Special Envoy to Haiti, to find out how Momlogic readers can help.


Bah Humbug, Bank of America!

hand holding money

Bank of America, you got your bailout -- $45 billion dollars. I and thousands of other small business owners helped fund your loan via the Troubled Asset Relief Program. Now you can't give a long-term client and struggling small business a $10K line of credit? Really??!!


Kiss, Let's Do Lunch: The Frenemy Pandemic

two woman kissing
Recently I had an educational experience with a social acquaintance whom my husband and I both really liked: he was fun, silly, and fabulous. Then the bizarre incident occurred: he told one of my Besties I did something totally insane and untrue. I shivered ... would there be a boiling bunny on my front porch later?


Hey Congress! Kids Need a Health Care Bailout!

women pushing strollers champions for childrens health logo
In America, the richest nation on earth, with a GDP over $14 trillion, we rank 22nd among 30 industrialized nations in low birth weight babies, and 27th in infant mortality rates. Give our beautiful babies a bailout -- join the Stroller Brigade!


Kids' Music that Doesn't Suck

Family in concert
Do the Wiggles make you break out in hives? After seven years, I've collected the best children's music that doesn't make you want to poke your eye out.


Mommy's Dirty Little Secret

mom shopping online

No, I'm not a closeted, functional alcoholic. Nope, it's not porn (sorry, honey) and I am not taking ADD meds like Lynette on "Desperate Housewives."


OMG! My Kids Want to Ride Disco Sticks

mom and kids inside a car

I was driving the girls to camp and rocking out to Lady Gaga. All of a sudden, Isabelle, our six-year-old, asked me, "Mommy, what IS a disco stick?"