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Egg Donors: A High Price to Harvest

Egg donation is big business in the multi-billion-dollar infertility industry, and many young women are tempted to cash in on the high value of their eggs. But critics say there's an ugly side to egg donation, because most donor candidates are unaware of the potential health risks.


The Battle for Vanessa: A Mom's Custody Crusade


A 2-year-old girl at the center of a contentious custody battle involving the states of California and Ohio will stay with the only mother she has ever known, at least for now.


Adoption Deception: Toddler Left in Legal Limbo

A Southern California mother is embarking on a heartwrenching legal battle today to maintain custody of a 2-year-old girl she has raised since birth. The fate of little Vanessa rests in the hands of attorneys and family court judges in two states.


Real Mr. Moms: 'Stay-at-Home-Dads Have It Harder!'

Stressed looking dad

On any given weekday, Michael Bailey pulls into an office complex for a meeting on a prospective project. As he enters the conference room, nothing seems out of the ordinary -- except for the infant car seat he's lugging that contains his 7-month-old son. Michael is part of a growing minority of stay-at-home dads who, for various reasons, are choosing to raise the kids while Mom earns a paycheck.


Custody Feud: Fair Hearing Denied

linda marie sacks

A Daytona Beach, Florida, mother who lost custody of her two girls -- whom she believes are being sexually abused by their father -- was dealt a crushing legal blow in her latest courtroom clash. Linda Marie Sacks recently shared her heartbreaking story with momlogic, describing how a judge punished her in family court for raising concerns about her children's documented abuse.


Victims of Abuse Abandoned By the System?

Claudia Valenciana

You expect to be protected when you cry out for help. But what if the system itself turns you away?


Troubled Teen's Death: Possible Homicide Charges

sergey blashchishen and matthew meyer

The Aspen Education Group has come under fire for the deaths of two teens at its treatment camps -- and momlogic's investigative reporting on the well-known treatment provider for kids in crisis has been credited with starting the process.


Are Working Moms Abusing Their Kids?

woman working with baby

Do people who criticize us working moms have a point?