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Outrage: Deadly Custody Ruling

stephen garcia and wyatt
We first told you about the murder-suicide of a 9-month-old boy and his father that had tragically been posted on Facebook. Now there is outrage over the judge's ruling in the contentious custody battle.


The Forgotten Baby: Crime or Mistake?

Baby sleeping in car seat

Like many working mommies, Jane D's mind is on constant overload. One day, she forgot that her 4-week-old baby was still in the car when she went into the store to run an errand -- and her life was changed forever.


Custody Crisis: Why Moms Are Punished in Court

Linda Marie and Children
To an outsider, Linda Marie Sacks had the perfect life. Her husband was rich, and they lived in a huge home. Behind that fa├žade, Linda Marie says she married a monster -- a man who verbally and emotionally attacked her for years and their two young daughters. When she finally left him and tried to take her girls with her, she encountered a new monster -- family court.


Now Hiring: Why Moms Are in Demand

stay at home mom

While the job market may look bleak for the unemployed, there's a silver lining for stay-at-home moms looking to get back into the workforce. The skills mothers have honed at home may give them an edge in the hiring process.


Saving Troubled Teens: A Greedy Industry?

Dana Blum
Many distressed parents with out-of-control kids are increasingly willing to throw money at a growing number of facilities that promise to treat their child's emotional or drug addiction problems. It's an impulse purchase that has turned the troubled teen industry into a money-making machine.


Can Marijuana Help Kids with Autism?


As the mother of an autistic child, Marie Myung-Ok Lee is navigating uncharted territory as she struggles to manage her son's condition. She says giving her kid pot has made all the difference.


Pregnant Prisoners: Enduring Labor Behind Bars

Mandi and Gabriel

Every year, hundreds of women are sentenced to serve time as a pregnant prisoner. For many expectant mothers locked up in some state-run prisons, their experience is nothing short of torture.


Trans-Parenting: How Daddy Became Mommy

two woman holding hands and a boy

One mom shares her journey of becoming a mother ... and the woman she always knew she should be.