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Don't Eat That!

Don't indulge in that 'salad' without reading this first!

It's easy to think that when you order a salad, you're making the healthy choice--but  it's often full of junk you should avoid.   Taco salads are one of the worst of this kind.   Hungry Girl says you CAN still eat them, but with a few alterations.


Top 5 Holiday Drink Cheats

Our friend Hungry Girl shows us how to celebrate without putting on weight.


1. HG's Magical Low-Calorie Margarita
Save hundreds of calories with this refreshing version. One of our Mom•Logic Moms tried it and said even her husband couldn't tell the difference!

2. Nog Wild!
Love to get your Egg Nog on, but don't love packing on pounds? Save 75 percent of the calories with HG's version!

5 cups light vanilla soymilk
1 small (4-serving) package sugar free fat free instant pudding mix, vanilla
6 no-calorie sweetener packets (like Splenda)
1 tsp. rum extract or imitation rum extract
1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg

In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend on high until mixed thoroughly. Refrigerate for a few hours to allow it to thicken. Makes five 1-cup servings!

3. Frozen Fudge-Dipped Strawberry Mudslide
Who doesn't love a cocktail/dessert combo? Indulge without the bulge, baby!

4. Purple Zazzle-tini
1/2 cup Pink Energy Drink
2 oz. Baja Bob's Blue Raspberry Martini Mix
1 oz. Vodka

Shake with ice. Pour and razzle dazzle your guests! 80 calories? We can't wait to try it!

5. Swaptastic Coffee Recipes
If you're a Starbucks junkie, but don't want junk in the trunk, HG's got your back. They're all non-alcoholic and can be made decaf. Delicious!


Feel Less Bloated This Thanksgiving

Pointers on feeling lighter and leaner on Turkey Day, courtesy of Hungry Girl.


Friend of Mom•Logic Hungry Girl kindly shared her "Top ATE Thanksgiving Tips 'n Tricks" for avoiding that typically unavoidable Thanksgiving bloat. Take notes!

1. Eat breakfast and a protein-packed lunch before the big feast. If you starve yourself during the day, you could wind up SO crazy-famished by the time you sit down at the dinner table that you gobble up WAY too much food.

2. Go for lean, white meat turkey to get the most bang for your calorie-buck. Dark meat has about 15 percent more calories and 30-40 percent more fat than light meat. And ditch the skin while you're at it (that's where most of the fat hangs out!).

3. Drink plenty of H2O throughout the day and during the big meal. It'll keep you hydrated and clear-minded (so you'll be less likely to make bad food choices), and it'll help fill you up faster.

4. Treat yourself to small portions of the seasonal side dishes and desserts you've been craving all year long. If you deprive yourself, you could end up raiding the fridge in the middle of the night and going overboard!

For four more great tips, keep reading...