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Notes from Bedrest: Epilogue -- Alexander

Gandalf R2-D2 Wiseman
Thank you for all the support and e-mails and visits and love. I went through something pretty dark and scary 20 weeks ago. And now I have something pretty awesome. I have Alex. 


Notes from Bedrest: Light at the End ...


I am approaching the end of my pregnancy, and my little bun in the oven is growing and healthy. I am looking forward to getting out of this godforsaken bed. I am looking forward to picking up my daughter, hugging my husband while standing up, and feeling real sunlight (not to mention coloring my roots).


Notes from Bedrest: Around the Bed in 80 Days ....

pregnant woman in bed

Wasn't that a movie? The movie of my LIFE, maybe. Eighty days. Eight-oh. In bed. Eleven-and-a-half weeks lying down. Seriously. But the good news is that when I got my ultrasound, I saw a big blob on a tiny portable machine. Beautiful. The little man is about 3 3/4 lbs.


Notes from Bedrest: Still Defying Gravity

So how is bedrest, you might ask? I'm not going to lie: It's pretty dreadful. My daughter has turned her back on me because I can't pick her up when she's crying. I've become that weird, dreadlocked lady who lives in the bedroom down the hall.


Home At Last!

red front door

So I'm home, 77 hours post-op (but who's counting?), in bed. Mom and mom-in-law are waiting on me hand and foot and buying me fashionable loungewear. I may even get a bell.


Defying Gravity: Reconstituted Cervix


Yesterday, my mom came to visit, armed with an iPhone full of show tunes -- and I decided to call my journey "Defying Gravity" after my most favorite tune from the "Wicked" and "Glee" soundtracks.


Incompetence: Hour 36

I've been on my back for 36 hours now -- most of that with my head lower than my feet.


Bad News: I Was Just Diagnosed with an Incompetent Cervix

Jane Wiseman

I was just diagnosed with an incompetent cervix and admitted to Cedars-Sinai. It will be touch and go for the next few days and then weeks. I'm 19 weeks pregnant. It's truly a nightmare ... there's a chance I'll lose the baby.