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A Playdate at Starbucks

Playdate at starbucks

My son got the Natural History Museum and walks on the beach ... my daughter gets Costco and Starbucks.


Tell the Truth, Kelly Ripa!

I just watched an episode of "True Hollywood Story" that featured Kelly Ripa. After spending an hour listening to her friends and colleagues rave about her ambition, talent, and ability to balance 16-hour workdays with being a mom to three young children, my greatest question was not answered.


Park Survival

mom disciplining kids at a playground

After my son Shane was born, I spent the first three years of his life at the park, so I consider myself to be an expert on this subject. The following guide is meant to help make the park experience more enjoyable for both you and your child.


Airplane Angst

baby screaming on an airplane

I am never getting on another airplane with my children. I may reconsider this when they are old enough to put on headsets and plug themselves into some Idiot Box Device for the entire flight, wanting nothing to do with me. But until that time comes, airplanes are now off-limits.


Privacy Please!

toddler getting into mischief with make up

One mom would just like to pee without an audience. Is that too much to ask?


Why I Can Never Leave My Husband

woman curled up in bed

A man that will go out in the middle of the night barefoot to fetch me tampons is a keeper.


Getting Dressed Angst

woman confused

I am embarrassed to admit it, but there are many mornings when I am daunted by the task of getting dressed for my day. It often seems no easier now then it did when I was 13 years old, as I labored over picking out the perfect pair of fluorescent leggings, matching scrunchi, and cut up sweatshirt (ala "Flashdance") to wear to junior high school.


Yoga Angst

The other day at my yoga class, a few of the women were having a heated discussion over a new policy at the studio -- No Cell Phones On During Class. How is it possible to use your cell phone in downward facing dog pose?