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Smoking Toddler: Are We Harming OUR Kids Just as Badly?

The video of the 2-year-old Indonesian toddler puffing away on a cigarette like a grown man as his parents and other adults stood idly by has taken the blogosphere by storm. It's easy to take a stance of disbelief and condemnation -- but our own children are subjected to comparable harm every day!


Mary Kennedy DUI: Get Help Before It's Too Late!

Mary kennedy

Mary Kennedy, the wife of Robert F. Kennedy and mother of four children between the ages of 8 and 15, has been charged with driving while under the influence, according to police in Bedford, N.Y.


Why Would Bethenny Frankel Deny Being Jewish?

Bethenny Frankel

When I recently watched her on the "Real Housewives" after-show hosted by Andy Cohen, I was confused by how she responded to a viewer question. Andy had received an e-mail asking Bethenny if she was Jewish. Bethenny responded, "No, I don't consider myself Jewish. My dad was Jewish and my mom converted ... but I don't think of myself as Jewish." WTH?


Singing During Yoga Ain't So Beautiful

Singing During Yoga Ain't So Beautiful

Last week at my regular yoga class, I was surprised when the instructor announced that she would be playing music. I was willing to deal with the addition of music, but not the off-key person singing along next to me!


This Mother's Day Poem Pissed Me Off!

furious woman

For Mother's Day, my 5-year-old son presented me with a beautiful, handpainted butterfly magnet that he had made for me in preschool. Along with the gift was a card with a photocopied poem inside that infuriated me.


'Prehab': Does Preventative Treatment Work?

charlie sheen

If you're a celebrity like Charlie Sheen, you can go to rehab even if you don't currently have a drinking or drug problem. But is treating the problem ahead of time really effective?


Community Strength in Times of Tragedy

Julia Siegler

13-year-old Julia Siegler was killed in a tragic accident when she was hit as she crossed the street to catch her school bus. I was rocked by two emotions -- sadness for her parents, but also gratitude that our spiritually supportive community immediately wrapped our arms around the family.


You Don't Have to Go to Rehab to Get Sober

brooke mueller

Brooke Mueller has left her treatment center and returned home with a staff of coaches, therapists and other treatment professionals to help her achieve sobriety. But you don't have to have celebrity-style resources to get sober.