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Is It a Good Thing When Both Parents Are in Rehab?

charlie sheen and brooke mueller

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, parents of infant twins, are both in rehab. An addiction specialist explains why this is a positive step.


New Moms in Rehab

sad woman drinking wine

When the postpartum months create crazy amounts of new stress, some mothers look for liquid relief.


Sarah Palin Is a Feminist

sarah palin

While many criticized Sarah Palin's attempt at the vice presidency as a slap in the face to women, we think "Going Rogue" helped to defend her feminism and mommy multitasking skills. Check it out.


The Daughter Casey Johnson Left Behind

Casey Johnson with Ava-Monroe

Casey Johnson might have been a billionaire heiress, but she reportedly died alone in a filthy, rat-infested apartment with her 3-year-old daughter in her parents' custody. The death of Casey Johnson is not only a story of a spoiled rich girl gone wild, but also a cautionary tale of just how much havoc addiction can wreak on a family -- and the children left behind.


My Mommy Makeover -- The Pain Was Shocking!

woman having stomach pain

I decided to get a mini "tummy tuck" while removing an umbilical hernia. My doctor warned me that the aftermath would be bad. The problem is -- I didn't listen.


Sarah's Story of Addiction and Motherhood

drug deal

After spending the past several years actively battling her addiction, Sarah is now finding herself trapped in the horrific cycle of relapse. Only this time, the stakes are much higher with her daughter in tow.


Dreaming of My Mother

woman dreaming of her mother

I dreamed about my mom last night. It's been a while since she's visited me in my dreams. Her appearances come in waves -- I'll see her every night for a week or two, then she'll disappear for a month or more. She always seems to show up when I need her the most.


Holidays and Drinking Can Be Double Trouble

drinking at christmas party

Between now and the New Year, a "cup of cheer" can be hazardous for those already dealing with alcoholism, and for others who get caught up in the reveling and can't say no to just one more cup of eggnog punch.