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Stupid Comments: Leave Pregnant Women Alone!

Smiling pregnant woman

Have you ever noticed that the expression "If you don't have something nice to say ..." does not apply to pregnant women? When I was pregnant with my first baby, the comments I received ranged from mildly disturbing to excruciatingly unbearable.


Un-Free Time

tired looking woman

I am so over "free time." I am one of those neurotic types who thrives when every second of my life is plotted out. I actually feel high when I am doing 15 things at once. Why am I afraid to sit still?


Determined to Keep Her Attacker Behind Bars

man breaking into home

At 62, Arline Mathews was brutally raped. Now 20 years later, her attacker could be released from jail for good behavior. She is now doing everything in her power to change these policies to ensure that he and others like him are locked away for life.


The Korean Spa Ain't My Cup of Tea

korean spa

Today I decided to embark on a new experience -- the Korean spa. Even though spa treatments actually seem to have the reverse effect on me.


Teach This Mama How to Text!

Frustrated woman holding cellphone

"It couldn't be too hard," I thought.


Kitchen Floor: Out, Out, Damn Spot!

woman scrubbing floor

One of my more neurotic obsessions is my fixation on my kitchen floor. The second it looks acceptably clean, it gets filthy again. At any given moment, the kitchen floor is a smorgasbord of milk droplets, paper clippings, and regurgitated strawberries.


Any Questions?

frustrated woman holding baby

I took my daughter Kiana to her toddler group today. As we all sat down for the "mommy discussion" while the children played, the facilitator asked, "Any questions?"


Vagina Angst

unhappy woman in bathroom

I have come to believe that no male physician, no matter what his education, training, and experience, can truly understand the angst a woman experiences when her vagina gets sick. Consequently, when I am having an embarrassing female issue, the last thing I want to do is seek help from some a**hole doctor with a penis.