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5 Things My Husband Hates about Marriage

couple arguing

After my brutally honest essay, "The Five Things I Hate about Marriage," Adam has finally prepared his rebuttal. Here are the Five Things My Husband Hates about Marriage.


Breastfeeding IS for Me

woman breastfeeding her baby
Yesterday, a blogger on momlogic told you why breastfeeding is not for her. Here is one mom's response.


Quality Time Angst

bored mom playing with child

Being really present with children (or anyone, for that matter) is almost like meditating. It requires the ability to be open, responsive, and connected to something greater than the desire to escape.


The Five Things I Hate About Marriage

Wife looking at sleeping husband

Yes, I love my husband and family and wouldn't change a thing about our family unit. But there are certain issues that I have with the institution of marriage, which offers both wonderful benefits and incredible challenges, often in the same day.


The Perfect Playdate

children on a playdate with a perfect child

This afternoon, my son Shane had a playdate at our house with a perfect child. No joke. This four-year-old girl was the sweetest, most gracious little angel I have ever experienced.


Feeling Fat

woman looking at the mirror

I just got back from Barnes & Noble, where the bestseller table was piled high with diet books. It seems that the new trend in this genre is to coerce women into weight loss through degradation and insults.


Graduation Dress Angst


I recently had the privilege of taking my 12-year-old stepdaughter, Haley, out shopping for her graduation dress. On the way to the mall, she gave me her list of requirements: nothing flouncy, bouncy, or poofy, no bows, no ruffles, and certainly, no pink! OK ... I get it. She doesn't want to look like a Disney Princess. But I was not prepared for the black, slinky number she picked out.


Trendy Mom

The other day I greeted my husband in my perfectly constructed outfit which reflected that latest trend, Boyfriend Jeans. For those of you living under a rock or from the Midwest (don't worry, this trend will roll your way in a few years), the look is as follows: super-baggy, distressed jeans, rolled up, tight top, sexy shoes.