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Don't Turn Your Baby into an Emotional Eater

crying baby
Every time my daughter started to cry or whine -- which happened a lot while she was teething -- I used to hand her a snack. Then my mom said, "You cannot feed her every time she whines or cries, or she will become an emotional eater."


Mommy Amnesia

Confused woman
I was having lunch with a friend of mine who has a 5-month-old son. As I watched her across the table, it occurred to me that I had no idea what to do with a 5-month-old. I had completely forgotten -- and my daughter was only seven months older. I then realized that I also had no idea what to do with a newborn -- and we had one on the way.


Mommy Secrets

pregnant woman

The other day, a group of us moms were out to lunch with our babies. It was a normal playdate ... until I realized they were carrying dark secrets with them.


How to Reconnect with Single Friends Post-Baby

Three woman with baby
When I got pregnant at the age of thirty, I was the first of my friends in Los Angeles to have a baby. Suddenly, my phone line was on radio silence.


Bartering for a Baby

mother holding baby
Moms have to give up their bodies for nine months (plus birth and recovery), not to mention breastfeeding and raising the baby. Many of them feel like they deserve something in return -- so they ask for it!


Great Gift Idea: Gently Used Books

woman carrying books
Books are beautiful gifts. They have a long shelf life, they're educational and they can be passed down.


Do We Overdo It in America?

mom and daughter
So I just got back from Mexico, where I was shocked to learn that they don't use car seats. In fact, they would just throw their babies on a wooden board attached to the front of a scooter. No helmets or seat belts -- just mommy or daddy's arms.


Second Baby Shower: OK or No Way?

baby shower
Having a shower for your second baby appears to be one of the bigger baby taboos out there. People have very firm opinions on this topic, and the majority of them say baby showers are for first babies only, and that having a second shower is greedy and tacky.