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Husbands and Money

woman with money
When I got married, I had no idea how it would affect my finances. I had always had control of my money and spent it like I pleased. Suddenly, my husband saw what I was buying for myself and my baby -- and he was not happy.


'Mommy Thumb' On the Rise

woman holding wrist
A few of my mommy friends have been suffering from a mysterious but painful ailment. It has made it impossible for them to pick up their babies and do simple tasks such as bathing. Then they were diagnosed with something called "mommy thumb."


Why Do Babies Attract Unsolicited Advice?

baby smiling
For some reason, a baby is like a license that gives strangers the right to judge and advise. As if it isn't hard enough to be a mom without someone telling you how to do it!


The Media Is Making Me Crazy

woman watching tv
Like anyone with a small child who rarely gets to go out, I watch my fair share of TV after my daughter goes to bed. And suddenly, everything terrifies me. 


Are Birthday Gifts Bad?

baby with birthday gift
As my daughter's first birthday approaches next month, the invites for other first birthdays are coming in as well. We have gotten a few invitations that have said "no gifts"; in lieu of gifts, they are taking donations for a charity of their choice. Was I being politically incorrect by letting people give my daughter presents? 


'I Fell In Love with My Baby, and Out of Love with My Husband'

mom and baby
As soon as you have your baby, you are in love. You finally understand how much your parents must love you, and you feel love in a whole new way -- a way you never thought possible. The problem is, as you fall in love with your baby, you often fall out of love with your husband. Here's help.


Daddies Get Postpartum Depression, Too

depressed man
Research says that one in four new dads suffers from postpartum depression. Between 1,000 and 2,700 of them are diagnosed each day in the United States alone!


C-Section Side Effect: 'Pent-Up Energy'?

woman operation
Someone told me that my daughter may need to see a cranial-sacral specialist, since she was born via C-section. Turns out, there's a theory that since babies born through C-section do not pass through the vaginal canal, they have pent-up energy and stress that was never released at birth. Is this true?