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Can You Have a Favorite Kid?

mom and kids
When I got pregnant with my second child, I got scared that I would not be able to love two kids. 


I Used To Be Cool

young girl in a night club
So the other day, my husband mentioned the idea of moving to a suburb. I said I didn't want to live in suburbia. He looked at me and said, "I don't know why you think you're so Cosmo -- you're a mom now." It was true: I barely could stay up past 7:30 PM.


Being Both Mother and Daughter

mother and baby and gradfather
During every other family tragedy, I'd only had the "daughter" role. I was supportive, collected and strong. But during this incident, I had a husband and a baby to take care of, too. I was no longer just a member of a family unit that consisted of my mom, dad, sister and brother. I had my own family, and I had to take care of them. 


Let Babies Get Mad!

angry looking baby
Real life is full of disappointment, unfair situations, bullies, hurt feelings and losing. We are setting our kids up for failure by not helping them build the skills to cope with these situations.


Nannying: How Much Is Too Much?

Everybody needs a helping hand, but ... how much nannying is too much nannying?


How to Explain Divorce to Your Kids

parents talking to boy
David Arquette recently told shock jock Howard Stern the way he broke the news of his and Courteney's split to daughter Coco. He said he took Coco to the beach for a picnic to tell her that her parents are getting a divorce. Did he go about it the right way, or the wrong way?


Telling Your Kids You Lost Your Job

mom talking to son
It's bad enough that you're unemployed, but now you have to explain it to your kids .... Here's help.


Fatal Car Crash Imparts Lifesaving Lesson


On August 26, 2010, my sister was driving my little brother and dad home from dinner. She swerved to avoid another accident, and their car rolled countless times off the freeway and into a cement embankment.