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Travel to Africa Without a Passport

elephants in a poll at the elephant odyssey

There are ways to take in the sights, cuisines, and customs of other countries without ever boarding a plane.


Shame On You, Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Why one mom feels the decision to let Miss California keep her crown sends a bad message to girls everywhere.


Chris and Rihanna: Happily Ever After?

Earlier this week, I freaked out when my teen daughters rejoiced about Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together.


Mom and Daughter Sucked in by "Twilight"

Why does this mother/daughter team say "Bite Me!" to Robert Pattinson? Check out their glowing review.


We Breathed the Same Air as the Jonas Bros.!

Two teens got to see the Jonas Brothers up close and personal, thanks to American Eagle and 77kids.com. Here, they give us a sneak peek into the best night of their lives.


Idol Finale Diary: From Seat 502

Momlogic's Jill attended the American Idol finale last night with her two teenage daughters, and gives us an insider mom's-eye view of the show.


Don't Drink My Breastmilk!

When Claire drank her own breast milk on America's Next Top Model this week, it brought back memories for momlogic's Jill.

I don't watch America's Next Top Model by choice. But because my teen daughters are shamefully addicted, I end up watching more of it than I care to admit. I have to say, this scene wasn't the first time I've witnessed someone take a swig of breastmilk, but the particularly distasteful part is that it was my own!


A Mom Haunted by Euthanasia Debate

Jill's Mom•Logic on why one young Mom's pain-filled final days hit home.


When I read this week about how Chantal Sebire's request for assisted suicide had the nation of France divided, I couldn't help but sympathize with her three children. The 52-year-old Mom suffered from a unusual and terminal form of cancer that left her both horribly disfigured and also in excruciating pain.

It's the excruciating pain part that I can relate to.
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