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Miss USA Pole-Dancing Pics: No Big Deal!

miss usa pole dancing

Miss USA's pole-dancing pictures have surfaced -- just days after she won the crown. If Miss USA had been a bona fide stripper or porn star, I can see having a problem with it. But since she just took a striptease class, who cares?


Immigrant Families Flee Arizona

manuela quintana

Manuela Quintana, a mother of 10, is fleeing Arizona now that the state's governor has signed the new immigration law.


Why I Unschooled My Three Kids

sandra dodd

When we heard about unschooling this week on "GMA," we weren't sure what it was all about. We wanted to find a mom who had unschooled her kids and felt this was the right decision for her family. That led us to Sandra Dodd, who unschooled her three children -- now aged 18, 21 and 23. They never had one day of "normal school" -- and Dodd has no regrets.


Runaway Mom Left Husband and Toddler to Start a New Life

Tiffany Tehan

Tiffany Tehan -- the mother who was reported missing on Saturday -- was found last night in Miami Beach, Florida. She told police she left with Tre B. Hutcherson to "start a new life."


Girl Drowns -- But Who's to Blame?

chesney allen

Five-year-old Chesney Allen drowned in a retaining pond ... and now the blogosphere is battling it out over who's to blame for her tragic death.


Family Separated by Volcanic Ash

steve and jen patterson

Steve and Jen Patterson traveled to the Netherlands to see Jen's sister for a week -- and are now stranded there away from their four kids.


Should You Tell Your Kid You're Having Plastic Surgery?

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

It's rumored that Kate Hudson recently got breast implants. She is the mom of Ryder, 6. This got us to thinking: Should you tell your kid if you are getting plastic surgery? We talked to one mom who did ....


I Am Sick of Celeb Post-Baby Bikini Bod Pics!

Kourtney Kardashian

Who is getting tired of celeb post-baby bikini bod pics? Me! Me! Me!