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Wall Street Gets Swine Flu Vaccine Before Kids

man getting swine flu shot

When I heard that the major banks and Wall Street firms were given a private allocation of the swine flu vaccine when many kids (including mine) cannot get it, I was outraged!


Mom Will Broadcast Birth Live on Internet

woman giving birth

Lynsee, a 23-year-old teacher in Minneapolis, is expecting her first child on November 19 ... and she is broadcasting the birth live on the Internet. Would you do the same?


THIS Is Why My Kids Can't Walk to School

somer thompson

Last month, the New York Times ran a piece called "Why Can't She Walk to School?" Somer Thompson is the reason why my kids can't. There are just too many evil, crazy people out there, and her murder is proof of that.


Great Idea: Costume Swap

Here's how your mom friends can help you save money this Halloween.


Theme Park Rides: Fun or Frightening?

Have you ever "made" your child go on a roller coaster ride, then wished you hadn't? You are not alone!


Hell Is a Colicky Baby

colicky screaming baby

Did you have a newborn who cooed, slept, and was a perfect angel? Please don't tell me about it.


My Kids Got Slimed!

kids getting slimed in arizona nickelodeon family vacation getaway

I don't know about you, but my kids have been BEGGING and BEGGING to go to the Nickelodeon Family Suites in Orlando. Every time they see the commercial, they beg to get slimed. But I live in California, and right now I just can't afford to fly cross-country for that privilege. And now I don't have to!


Beer Hats for Kids: OK or No Way?

victoria beckham with son wearing beer hat

The other day before summer camp, my son begged me to wear a Jack Daniels hat we got free with a bottle of booze purchased before a party. I said absolutely not -- he's only 8, and I don't want the other moms thinking we're boozehounds.