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MY Perfect Mother's Day Gift

woman relaxing in bed

Here's a dirty little secret: What most moms I know want for Mother's Day is a DAY OFF.
But most moms I know are also so filled with guilt or so afraid to state their wishes that they have trouble asking for it.


Diary of a 50-Year-Old Bride, Part 4

couple holding hands
Nothing like paying for your own wedding to make you realize what a spoiled brat you were the first time around!


Diary of a 50-Year-Old Bride, Part 3

I'm not a fashion-y kind of gal. When I got married the first time, I found a seamstress in New York to make me a white suit. And it didn't work. I looked like someone confused about the party.


Diary of a 50-Year-Old Bride, Part 2

engagement ring
I know Hillary Clinton wasn't talking about nuptial planning with her "it takes a village" observation. But honey, after five decades on this planet, I think LIFE demands a village, and I feel so lucky to have one. 


Divorce Dialogues: 'I Had to Give Up the Dream of the Perfect Life'

woman crying
Gabby had known her first husband for about a year and a half before they got engaged. He was a partner in the law firm where she worked as a very junior associate. He had been married once before. They were separated after two years.


Moms: Girl Time is Crucial!

two women in a car
My dear friend and I were driving south on Highway 95 from her house in Massachusetts to her mother's house in Connecticut. I don't remember if there was an actual joke or if we had made some noteworthy observation about the male species, but whatever was said sent us into a bout of mad, laughter-to-tears hilarity. And suddenly, we were girls again.


Divorce Dialogues: 'We Still Watch Each Other's Back'

couple talking
Felice married a man 17 years her senior when she was 27. They had two children, lived in four countries and split up after twenty years of marriage. They have been apart for almost six years. Her son is now 18 and her daughter is 16. 


Divorce Dialogues: 'He Had Given Up on the Marriage'

couple arguing

Julie Smith was married for almost ten years. Her husband moved out for a year when the kids were 4 and 2. The following year they split for good, but it took almost two years for the divorce to become final. They've now been divorced for ten years.