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Divorce Dialogues: 'The First Year Was Hell'

upset man
"I knew that my ex-wife and I were spending money and time to keep a marriage together that shouldn't be together," William says. "I also had the epiphany, 'All the things I'm not getting, she's not getting, either.'"


Divorce Dialogues: 'I Tried Everything'

couple arguing
Jade, 52, divorced after being married 22 years. "I tried everything I possibly could," she says. "When I decided that I couldn't be with this person as my lifetime partner, I decided, 'I deserve to be happy, and I'm going to move toward that.'"  


Does Everyone Hate Back-to-School Night, or Is It Just Me?

woman screaming

The only thing I dread more than back-to-school night is the idea of going on a Disney cruise. Both promise claustrophobia and inane conversation. Give me dental work over those two any day!


Divorce Dialogues: 'Live Close to Your Ex'

two houses
Janet is an East Coast mom who divorced her first husband after seven years of marriage. "He was like Eeyore," she says. "Now I feel like I have my pep and my energy and my personality back!"


Divorce Dialogues: 'We Had Compassion for Each Other'

couple sitting in the couch
Alex K. was married at 24 and divorced after four years. He dated his second wife for seven years before they tied the knot. They have been married for 11 years and have two daughters, ages 7 and 4.


No More AP Classes!

school books

I am standing up here for teenagers everywhere when I say: Ease up on the educational pressure!


Be Your Own Wife

woman having a massage

My friend M.C. is brilliant. She told me she has decided to be her own wife. "And so I say to myself," she says, as we hike up a mountain, "'M.C., what is it you need?' And the answer I said back to myself was, 'Pampering.'"


The Lesson in a Summer Afternoon

Woman sitting on verandah railing

I don't truly believe it's summer until I'm at the ocean. Specifically, the Jersey Shore.