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Trying to Keep My Daughters from Killing Each Other

I had two children because I wanted them to have each other. Instead, I got the slapping, hairbrush-throwing cat fights and the "I-can't-believe-you-borrowed-this-without-asking" and "Stay-out-of-my-room" screaming.


Summer Airline-Travel Strategy: Divide and Conquer

two girls on a plane

It took several years -- and myriad battles about who would sit next to mom -- for me to figure out the perfect way to fly: separate from my children.


Divorce Dialogues: 'The Only Person Who Can Complete You Is Yourself'

woman pointing

I think that whole "You complete me" thing is bullsh*t. The only person who can make you complete is yourself.


Divorce Dialogues: 'My Only Regret Is That I Didn't Do It Sooner'

I eventually got divorced because I was so lonely and depressed and I just couldn't live like that anymore. I decided I needed to give myself a chance for happiness.


Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Michaels: REALLY?!

Melissa Etheridge, based on the amount of money you make, do you really think it's OK to pay your ex -- the person who spends the most time with your children and takes care of them while you're traveling -- just $2,000 a month? And Tammy Michaels, $800 a month for dining out ... and $6,000 for rent?! Come on!


Hillary Clinton Was Right -- Long Live the Village!

birthday candle

Yesterday was my 50th birthday, and I spent it surrounded by forty women I know and love. I looked around the room and realized that most of them are moms. Over the years, we have watched our children grow, discussed house rules and cell-phone policies, picked up carpool shifts and hiked away our troubles.


Divorce Dialogues: 'I Hope I'm a Better Dad Now'

father and son holding hands

James F. is a Connecticut-based dad who works in commercial real estate. He has been married twice and divorced twice. He has three boys -- a stepson and two sons -- from his second marriage. His boys are 20, 14 and 9.


Stop Texting, Start Living

girl texting

I have major disdain for my children's proclivity to text. My 12-year-old is especially guilty.