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Divorce Dialogues: 'I Bought a Hot Tub!'

woman in a hot tub

Monnie N. is an editor at a Western newspaper. She was married for five years and went through a divorce when her two children were under 5. She has now been happily remarried for two years.


Sleepaway Camp Creates 'Summer Empty Nest' for Mom

woman relaxing alone

By the time my 15-year-old and 12-year-old walked through the door to the Jetway to board their plane to summer camp, we were all ready for the moment. I love the temporary break. I can catch up with old friends and work. I have time to shave my legs and read the paper.


Throw a Tween Party for Under $40!

Tween party

My daughter Emmy decided she wanted to have a bunch of girlfriends over for a last hurrah before they all go their separate ways for the summer. The party only cost $36!


Divorce Dialogues: Experiences in Disunion

wedding cake

In an attempt to shed a little end-of-the-tunnel light on a crappy situation, I will be interviewing divorced folks across the country about their experiences in the state of disunion.


Summer Airline-Travel Strategy: Divide and Conquer

two girls on a plane

It took several years -- and myriad battles about who would sit next to mom -- for me to figure out the perfect way to fly: separate from my children.


Pregnant Promos, Pretty Little Liars ... It All Adds Up to Family!

Pretty Little Liars

You've got to hand it to the ABC Family channel: Its promos offer more out-of-wedlock pregnancies than the NBA. And among teenagers, no less. There was no adolescent pregnancy in last night's premiere of "Pretty Little Liars," but hey, it was only the first episode.


'So You Think You Can Dance?' Starring My Daughter

teen girl dancing

I am so grateful that my daughter found dance. It rescues her from the angst of teenage-hood several hours a week, and the high, the confidence and the thrill of mastery last well beyond class.


Why Sleepaway Camp Is Totally Worth the Money

Confident looking girl

I sent my daughter to an all-girls camp in Wisconsin for a zillion reasons. While sleepaway camp is expensive, I don't think you can put a price tag on your daughter's confidence or happiness.