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Food Allergies: Will New Rules Change the Game?

child eating
Whatever food allergies you have in your family, now's a good time to call your doctor and see whether it's time to reassess the diagnosis in light of new guidelines released by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


Gay Teens More Likely to Face Punishment

teenager punished in class
A new study has found that, when it comes to serious misdeeds, gay teens are less likely to be at fault than straight teens, but more likely to face punishment -- including school expulsion, arrest and conviction.


Elizabeth Edwards: Heroine or Cautionary Tale?

Elizabeth Edwards
Reaction to Elizabeth Edwards' death this week at age 61 has mostly been reverential. But one thing I haven't seen mentioned as much is her status as a role model for older mothers.


Getting Kids' Medicine Doses Right

Girl taking medication
Giving medicine to kids is tricky, and a recent report suggests that it's made trickier by poor labeling and product design when it comes to dosing.


Does Your Toddler Need Sports Training?

Toddler with soccer ball
A recent article in the New York Times described a rise in programs and products aimed at parents who want to begin sports training for their very young children -- even those too young to sit up.


Craigslist Kicks Off Woman Donating Breast Milk

breastmilk pump
The folks at Craigslist have finally found a transaction they don't feel is appropriate: a woman offering to give away her breast milk to someone else's needy baby.


Sarah Palin Opposed to First Lady's Anti-Obesity Campaign

Sarah Palin
There's nothing really shocking about Michelle Obama  promoting her "Let's Move!" campaign against childhood obesity. Except to Sarah Palin.


Kids Need Adult Conversation!

mom and daughter talking
A new report out of England warns that many children arrive at preschool or kindergarten with diminished listening and speaking skills due to households that are too noisy and chaotic. In particular, the study cites parents who leave the television or radio going for hours at a time, and who communicate via yelling or lecturing rather than by gently speaking and listening to their kids. Well, duh!