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Remembering D.J. Henry

Danroy Henry
When college student Danroy "D.J." Henry was shot and killed by police in Mt. Pleasant, N.Y., last weekend, he became just the latest in a long line of young black men whose lives ended far too soon under questionable circumstances.


Breast-Cancer Survivors Can Breastfeed!

woman breastfeeding
A new study suggests that, for many women who have survived breast cancer, breastfeeding is both possible and healthy!


'Mad Men': I Like Don Draper's Choice

Don Draper
If you haven't yet watched this season's finale of AMC's "Mad Men" ... well, frankly, it's been a week, so really you can't complain about spoilers. But if you don't want to know what happened, stop reading now ....


Who'll Raise Your Kids If You Die?

Life as we know it
"Life As We Know It" stars the impossibly attractive Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel as battling singles who are forced to join forces, move into a picture-perfect house and raise a lovely little baby after the kid's parents die. And although the movie has a happy ending (as these movies must), it's pretty much a roadmap of what not to do. 


Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls

girl in burka
One of the most astonishing newspaper articles I've read this year was in the New York Times last week, wherein Jenny Nordberg wrote about girls in Afghanistan who live as boys, mostly due to the intense social preference for boys and the pressure on families to produce sons.  


What's Your Family's Style?

family photograph
Researchers have identified two types of dysfunctional families that seem to produce kids who have specific kinds of school problems. Is your family one of them?


Lots of Sick Days? Maybe Your Child Is Avoiding School

sick kid
Your child may be too young to pull a full-on Ferris Bueller, but it's not uncommon for some kids to whine and cry and say they feel sick when Monday morning rolls around.


Overweight? Blame Your Mother's Pregnancy!

Weighing scale
New research suggests that obesity, far from being a by-product of the choices you make regarding eating and exercising -- or even genetic factors -- may stem from mothers gaining too much weight while pregnant, which apparently tips off a cascading hormonal effect that leads to babies being programmed to be fat.