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Postpartum Depression: Now for Men, Too!

depressed man
According to a new study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, new fathers, just like new mothers, face an increased risk of depression -- and that risk remains high much longer than had previously been assumed.


Back-to-School Time and Your Pets

So the kids are back in school, and everyone has to adjust to a new schedule. Who's having the toughest time -- kids? Parents? Teachers? Nope -- maybe it's the family pet!


Kids, Beaches and Cars: A Deadly Mix

car and family at the beach
This summer has seen the deaths of two 4-year-olds in a seaside Florida town, where local tradition allows cars on the beaches. Many locals see the accidents as tragic and regrettable, but not reason enough to change the decades-old tradition of allowing cars on the beach.  


Want Bilingual Kids? Use Your Nanny!

nanny with kid
According to a recent New York Times article, an increasing number of families are seeking nannies who can interact with their children in languages other than English, in the hopes that their children will gain valuable bilingual language skills.


Should Schools Offer Flavored Milk?

chocolate milk
There is a battle brewing nationwide. It centers on school lunch programs and whether or not they should offer flavored milk as well as plain milk. Where do you stand on the dairy wars?


Early Puberty: Mysterious Causes, Disastrous Effects

young girl smiling
A study released this week warns about early puberty among American girls. As many as 15 percent of the 7-year-olds studied were already beginning to develop breasts and body hair -- the first signs of the body's transformation from child to sexually mature adult. The alarming findings about these early signs has experts and parents concerned. 


More Online Time Equals More Depression for Teens

teen using laptop

According to a recent study, teenagers who spend a lot of time online are more likely than their less-wired peers to suffer from clinical depression.


Outsourcing Baby Preparations: The Next Big Thing?

So-called "baby planners" will, for a fee, navigate the tricky waters of buying baby gear, assembling a baby wardrobe and figuring out your diaper situation. Is it worth it?