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katie weinstein

Please Fire Me

woman pulling her hair and kids jumping in the couch

As a modern working mother, I would like to now request being fired from several of the following jobs: Nurse, Bus Driver, Coffee Maker, Cheerleader, Dishwasher, Short-Order Cook, Recycler, Laundress, Dog Walker, Walking Complaint Box, Family Risk Management Specialist, and Shoe Tie Expert.


End-of-School Celebration or Jailhouse Rock?

parent at end of school party

Ah, the ol' end of the school year celebration: It was like "Clan of the Cave Bear" meets "Lord of the Flies." It was everyone's turn, it was no one's turn. It was Armageddon.


Europeans, Child-Raising and Beer

Couple drinking beer and kids playing in the background

My husband and I lived in Germany for three years with our young kids. Now I know why people say Europe is a very family-friendly place -- there is beer at every event.


Family Fun Center: Can You Catch Teen Love?

teens kissing at a fair

My 11-year-old daughter had her birthday party at a Family Fun Center last week. It looked a bit like a Family Planning Center, if you ask me.


Why I Hate the School Auction

couple drunk and laughing at the school auction fundraiser

The School Auction. I love to hate it. Every school has one now, and just as we were conditioned to the school prom every year, we now are conditioned to this yearly torture.


Screamin' Meanies: Nightmare Sports Parents

mom screaming at a kids sports game

Springtime and softball games. Cut grass and worn leather softball mitts. Cut oranges, freshly raked dirt, smiling girls ... and wait, what is that noise? The screaming? Who are those people?


Welcome to My PTA Nightmare

PTA meetings turn me into the naughty 7th grader I once was.


Book Club Nightmares

I belonged to a Book Club once. It was a group of friends and we were mostly new moms. We drank a lot of wine and never really got to the book part.