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kimberly seals allers

I'm Fed Up With Drunken White Moms!

woman holding cocktail

It's been really bothering me that a large and still-growing group of white women has built a successful blogging and publishing platform and branding niche around parenting while drunk (or at least very tipsy).


Chris Brown Should Win an Emmy for His BET Award Show Performance

Chris Brown

At the BET Awards when Chris Brown broke into the worst dramatic rendition of "Please forgive me; look how sorry I am" -- complete with falling to the knees -- I had to double-check at one point to see if I had somehow accidentally switched over to the Daytime Emmy Awards, where you usually see such histrionics.


A 'Where Did I Go Wrong?' Moment

ashamed mother

Despite every mom's best efforts, there will inevitably be those moments where you say to yourself, "Um, where did I go wrong?"


What's in Your Womb?

pregnant woman

For some time, I've been distressed about the double whammy facing black women. Our babies have the highest rates of low birth-weight and infant mortality, and we have the highest rates of heart disease and detectable cancers.


My Fatherless Mother's Day

Mother's Day
One mom asks why her ex couldn't have at least sent her a text message on Mother's Day, thanking her for keeping the kids alive.


The Death of Childhood: One Mother Laments

shocked woman

I have a serious gripe about the childhood experience in the new millennium: It's absolutely and completely devoid of innocence. In fact, the concept of innocence as a basic right of childhood has disappeared. Whatever happened to the good ol' days when children were allowed to be children?


My 5-Year-Old Black Daughter as a Confederate?

young black girl as confederate soldier

When the faculty and PTA at my daughter's school announced that the annual Field Day event would have a Civil War theme, with the students -- even the kindergartners -- playing on either Confederate or Union teams, I was ticked. What were they thinking?


Hatred After Health Care Reform? Seriously?

health care protesters

I'm sorry, where exactly are all the people who vehemently declared after President Obama's election that we were living in a post-racial America? Please stand up. Seriously.