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September Is Infant Mortality Awareness Month

infant mortality month picture

Did you know that the U.S. ranks second amongst industrialized nations for infant mortality rates? Read on -- what you learn could save your baby's life.


Elected Officials: Attack the Black Prez!

barack obama attacked by elected officials

Calling for a hunting of the President gets to be passed off as a joke. Imagine if the tables were turned.The double standards in this country astound me.


A Mommy's Summertime 'Lazy-isms'

mom reading by the pool during summer

What sort of excuses do you come up with in the hot summer days? Shhh ... I won't tell.


This Mom Wants Everyone in the Pool

Cullen Jones
Olympian Cullen Jones, the first African-American male to hold a world record in swimming, learned the hard way about water safety as a child. Now he and his mom Debra are leading a movement to help kids of all colors gain access to pools and life-saving swimming skills.


Must-See TV for White People

Black in America 2

CNN's "Black in America" is for whites in America. Because of all the racial stereotyping that still goes on in the world (just ask renowned scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who was recently arrested for "breaking in" to his own home), white people need to know that our story includes sizable circles of affluence.


Room Decor that Looks Like Your Family

Girl playing in her bedroom

I always love to meet moms who are all about giving our kids positive self-images. Black children need to see themselves in books, clothes, television, movies, and more. And so do black women.


A Lesson for Mothers of All Black Boys

mother hugging her son

Today I cried watching the Michael Jackson memorial. I cried for a little black boy who felt the world didn't understand him. I cried for a little black boy who spent his adulthood chasing his childhood. And I thought about all the young black boys out there who may feel that the world doesn't understand them, too.


Married to the Military

soldier hugging wife with rose

Lengthy separations, sparse communication, and the stress of constantly adjusting to life in a new place could test even the strongest union.