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The Friendship Court: 'You Can Lead the Horse to Water ... '

women fighting

What if the saddest friendship thing that ever "happened to you" didn't actually happen to you at all? What if it involved the breakup of two of your mutual best friends? How would you handle it?


$8 for Airplane Blankets -- Are You JOKING?!

flight attendant

Have you heard the latest news? If you want a pillow and blanket in coach on American Airlines, it is going to cost you.


Memory Overload

woman thinking

I spent an hour searching for my car key today, which made me start thinking -- they should have a service that allows you to reboot your brain memory. Moms the world over would rejoice!


Does Texting Harm Teens?

Teenage girl texting

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) allows my teen daughter and her pals to communicate in real-time. But my daughter's friends text things they would never say face-to-face.


Female College Students: Don't Limit Yourself!

mother holding her baby

To those who think we need to educate our girls in "limitations and benefits of the various paths as a future mother," I say, go back to Stepford and take your friends with you!


I'm Pissed! My Friend "Abducted" My Kid!

worried woman

My friend April is the consummate practical joker. She never stops. In fact, every time I get a phone call from someone I do not know, I assume it is her pulling a prank on me. Generally, I laugh at her antics ... but the last practical joke was out of line, and I do not plan on ever speaking to April again.


My Friend Dissed My Kid!

sad young boy

My friend Janice shocked me. She had a party for her son Derek's birthday last week, and didn't invite my son Ethan.


Jon and Kate Rehab

jon and kate gosselin mad

I write to you from my hospital bed. Apparently, I almost overdosed on Jon and Kate -- it's true.