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Look Out, Moms -- It's Tryout Season

mom cheering son playing soccer

It's "tryout season" for those parents whose kids play fall sports -- and my observation is that this process is often more "trying" on us than it is on our kids.


Good Manners

kanye west serena williams joe wilson bad manners
From Congressman Joe Wilson to Serena Williams to Kanye West, this has been a great week to teach your kids a thing or two about etiquette and appropriate behavior.


My Friend Ruined My Surprise Party!!

woman whispering to friend

Is there such a thing as a "friendship crime?"


The Art of Vuggling

woman multi-tasking

I can actually juggle ... and when I say "actually," I mean literally. It is a skill I am most proud of (that, and this thing I can do to make my stomach move in waves). But I am not talking about the "literal" or "actual" art of juggling objects. I am talking about juggling stuff in your life. Let's call it "Vuv Juggling." No, let's name it "Vuggling."


My BFF Picks on Me!

two woman fighting

Iris treats me like we are an old married couple who have been married for 30-plus years, and she "picks on me," like I am Edith and she is Archie. Help!


My Friend Has Taken Over My Life!

woman with annoying friend

My friend has taken over my life, intertwined herself with all my friends (that I introduced her to), and I don't know what I am going to do. She is driving me crazy!!


My BFF Says I Need a Makeover!

friends disagreeing over fashion

My friend told me a little makeup and a change of the hairstyle "[I] have had since high school would do me good." OMG!


My Son's Grades Are None of Your Business

report cards
My oldest friend jumped to conclusions and now she thinks (and will likely tell her son, who will tell everyone in school) that my son has failing grades!