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My Sneaky Friend Stole My Business Idea

woman talking on phone while men read newspaper

About a year ago, I told my friend about a business idea I had. I never did much of anything with the idea ... but I remained hopeful that I would one day. Then one day, I saw an ad -- for my business! I told my friend and was shocked when she said she had taken it! She claims once I shared the idea, it wasn't mine anymore.


My Best Friend Hates My Fiance

sad woman and a man proposing to woman

I got engaged last week. I finally got THE ring and it was the happiest day of my life ... or it should have been the happiest day of my life.


Auction Your Virginity, Pay Hefty Taxes

german hooker

Is this the definition of "getting screwed twice"?


My Vacation With My Friend Was a Nightmare!

Can this friendship be saved?


My Friend Didn't Save Me from Embarrassment

women talking to a guy at a bar

My friend Keisha and I were at a restaurant where we had just met two nice guys at the bar. I excused myself to go to the ladies' room and Keisha came with. Apparently, I came out of the stall with a long strip of toilet paper hanging out of the back of my pants. Keisha saw it, but thought it would be funny to let me go back to the guys with it there.


A Partridge in a Playboy?

Shirley Jones

My plea to Shirley Jones.


In Defense of Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards

I feel for Elizabeth Edwards because she is being vilified for telling a story that she has every right to tell. Elizabeth's reactions to the circumstances in her life and her "resilience" are interesting and inspirational to me -- and, I'm guessing, I'm not alone in feeling that way.


Friendship Court: My Friend's a Terrible Boss!

women working at a design firm

"Don't poop where you eat!" Is it a good idea to work for your friend?