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The Best Books to Give This Holiday!

Love in Mid Air, The Divorce Party
I'm a book whore. I just can't stop myself from buying them, downloading them and searching for the next one I'm going to fall in love with. So it's no surprise that I LOVE to give my favorite books as gifts during the holidays. Here are the books that I'll be stuffing my friends' stockings with this year.


The Perfect Picture

The Picture Perfect
For me, taking a nice holiday photo each year where everyone in my family is looking at the camera is more painful than giving birth.


My Mommy Nemesis

mean looking woman
I've recently picked up a mommy nemesis on the playground. Don't judge: I'm betting that you have one, too.


My Girl-Scout Panic

girl scout
 I'm scared to death to co-lead my kindergartner's Daisy Girl Scout troop!


Facebook: How Much Wall Love Is Too Much?

A miracle happened the other day. My Facebook-challenged husband actually wrote on my wall. I'm not going to lie: I liked it. But some of my friends felt like that kind of public display of affection was just too much.


Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

woman at a hotel
I didn't need to go far to get the relaxation I was craving. All I needed was a heavenly bed, a dinner reservation and blackout curtains. 


Why I Transferred My Kid to Another School District

woman thinking

I always said I'd never be that mom. You know -- the one who just has to have her kids in the best school in the best district with the best teachers? The one who thinks that the right kindergarten is going to make or break her 5-year-old's future?


The International 'Mommy' Sign

woman peace sign

Different groups of people have always used hand signals as a way to identify themselves and show respect. The military has a salute, and gangs have, um, gang signs. Even my college sorority had a secret sign you could throw across the room to say hello! But what about moms?