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Don't Drink the Water!

pregnant woman drinking water
Both times I was pregnant, I marveled at how "coincidental" it was that many of my friends were prego, too. But lately, I've come to the conclusion that pregnancy, much like the terrible stomach bug my family battled last week, is contagious as hell


My Other Life as a Short-Order Cook

woman cooking
I'm not gonna lie: Sometimes I ache for the days when I just had to fend for myself. Long day? I'd just throw together a salad and watch whatever reality-TV marathon came my way. But those days are long gone. Now I'd be ecstatic if the other three people in this family would just eat the same damn thing! 


Living in Cougar Denial

Cougar Shirt
I had always thought that the whole cougar thing was a myth. But then something happened: I turned 35.


Just Plane Awful

kid screaming

I've always thought I had relatively well-behaved kids. They say please and thank you when prompted, and even eat a vegetable here and there. But even I know that being trapped in the confined space of an airplane for four hours can turn any angel child under 6 into the devil's spawn.


Camp Competition Is Fierce!

girl with bow and arrow

The pressure. The waiting lists. The judgment. You'd think I was talking about getting my child into an Ivy League school instead of SUMMER CAMP. But I recently found out that competitiveness and pressure aren't just for the school year anymore.


Real Friends Don't Make Friends Go to Chuck E. Cheese

Good mom-friends are hard to find, which is why I always make sure they pass three very important tests before I'll share my carpool or my wine with them.