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It's Not About the Weed, Man

teenage boy doing yard work
This summer, my husband insisted that our lazy loafer teenagers pick weeds every day before they went to the beach. They griped and they grumbled and they argued. "This is so stupid!" the youngest said. "They are just going to grow back." 


The Cheat Sheet for Soccer

mom in soccer stands

Last weekend I sat in the sun, the clouds and then the rain, watching soccer. I have been watching this game for close to ten years, and even though I consider myself a wordsmith, I have run out of ways to say, "Great hustle!" to my daughter and her friends.


Why Do I Try to Fix My Brother's Kids?

kid bad manner

They come to visit every summer, and I unconsciously make a list of what they should be doing. This past week, I worked on getting them to use plates and sit on a chair facing the table when they eat. You may think I'm describing a battle with toddlers, but these kids are 8 and 9.


Teacher Says Summers Are No Break Whatsoever!

woman washing dishes

Many people are drawn to teaching because they get the summers off -- but for me, "off" is "on."


Sometimes a Mom's Gotta Read Between the Lines

woman looking through magnifying glass

Life is full of clues, if you know where to look for them and are willing to stay up half the night thinking about them.


What Color Am I?

kid coloring with crayons
Given the assignment of drawing a self-portrait in the fifth grade, my son was perplexed. He could not decide which crayon best matched his skin. Beige? Not exactly. White? No way. Gray? Nah. Brown? Nope. He settled on "burnt sienna," an off-brown/tan color, but it still wasn't right, either. Skin color, I explained, is complicated.


Why Should I Trust the Orthodontist?

girl playing soccer

While waiting on the patient's side of the sliding-glass doors, I overheard my daughter's orthodontist's wife on the phone. She was telling the caller about the flooring she chose for her kitchen. This got me thinking about my own lousy kitchen ... and I realized that my daughter was wearing the kitchen I dreamed of on her teeth.


My Local Dollar Store: A Secure Location?

local store

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a gal for a bargain, visiting discount stores and getting deals left and right. But I was puzzled when I visited my neighborhood dollar store. I love [insert sarcasm emoticon here] how the Value Dollar Store has a "top secret" security system to protect their sometimes-chintzy merchandise.