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Throw a Spa Party for Your Little Diva

My sister, Barbara, is a mother of three girls and knows ALL about living with little divas! So when it came time to throw my niece's birthday party, Barb came up with a really fun, creative way to pamper her little diva (and friends) for the day!


Local Park Parties: Blast or Bust?

Family Party
With the economy failing, many people are taking their parties to a local park to celebrate. Why? It's cheap. It's outdoors. It requires very little cleanup. Here's how you can make the most of a park party.


Host a Slam-Dunk Yard Sale

These days, everyone could benefit from a little extra cash in their pockets ... so get to work and clean house!


Celebrate Your Golden Birthday!

mom blowing candles in birthday cake

This is a popular holiday, but mostly in the Midwest. When I moved to California and no one knew what a Golden Birthday was, it became my goal to spread the good word on this exciting year.


Serve Up the Red, White, and Blue

Dining table decorated with 4th of July theme

Independence Day is the day to celebrate all things American! Here are a few ideas to make your 4th of July holiday truly patriotic and fun.


Throw a Backyard Movie Party!

Outings to the movies can get expensive -- so bring the drama to your own backyard!


Father's Day Fiesta!

fiesta party

Celebrate Father's Day with great food, d├ęcor, and good times ... without spending the big bucks! Here's how.


Send Your Teens on a Wild Goose Chase

Teens with their bikes and skateboards

Teenagers can be hard to impress, and many moms find themselves at a loss for ideas when it comes to throwing their next birthday party. Here are a few ideas for your moody, hormonal, growing bundle-of-joy teen that will keep them so entertained they will forget to be bored with life for a day.