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Why I Don't Let My Son Use Social Media

boy using computer
The day will come when my son is older, more responsible and hopefully ready to handle whatever comes his way online. But for now, his friendships remain unplugged. Here's why.


Pregnancy: To Drink or Not To Drink?

wine glass
Making decisions and logically working through choices is an overwhelming task for my son. Even the simple act of picking out a treat at the store can completely stymie him. And having a problem making decisions isn't the only lifelong challenge my son faces. You see, his birth mother chose to drink while pregnant.


Parenting the Defiant Child

defiant child
My son can be a sweetheart, but he can also be a real stinker. He's contrary to the point of ridiculousness at times, and any request that sounds remotely like a demand will make him stubbornly dig in his heels and refuse to do what I'm asking. His defiance is never about what's being asked of him; it's simply about the fact that he was asked -- and his need for control. 


Why I Love My Son's 'Big Brother'

two boys talking

There are a lot of single parents in the world, but I belong to a little section of single parenting called "choice moms." I'm a single parent by choice -- not because I don't understand the importance of a father, but because I decided that while I would be OK if marriage never happened, I wouldn't be OK if I was never a mom.


Reflections on Two Moms

woman thinking

Was it sunny that morning when my son's teenage birth mom went to the hospital? Was she alone? Though our lives are connected by mishap, trial and happenstance, she and I are two sides of the same coin. And one day, my son and I will be looking forward to finding her again.


Why It Kicks Ass to Be a Single Adoptive Mom

Sandra Bullock

Welcome to the single adoptive moms club, Sandra Bullock ... we're happy to have you. Many people end up being a single parent through circumstance -- divorce, the death of one parent, abandonment, etc. Me? I chose it.


My Son By Any Other Name

young boy thinking

The day I first met my son, we sat together with his social worker and foster parents out on the back deck of his foster parents' home. My son asked me if I was going to change his name after I adopted him. That simple question broke my heart. Here he was, 10 years old, and even something as basic as his name wasn't stable. But eventually we chose a new name -- a name that symbolized him choosing who he wanted to be.


Seeing Beyond Invisible Disabilities

kid in restaurant

Before I adopted my son, he endured abuse and mistreatment that would bring an adult to his knees. As a result, he sometimes has tantrums, rages and a hyper, scared (and somewhat strange) reaction when he's overstimulated. I can handle that. But why do I get so angry when he doesn't do the small stuff?