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Motherhood (the Movie)

Uma Thurman, Motherhood
I have four kids, so I figured I knew a little about the lifestyle portrayed in the latest Uma Thurman movie, "Motherhood." But my mommy instincts were assaulted because Thurman's character seems to have none.


Extreme Mom Brain

mom losing her mind

Is it just me, or did all that wit fly out the window when my kids came in the picture?


Back to School: 5 Tips for Tired Moms

mom kissing child in the forehead

As the countdown shortens and the shadows lengthen, check out these 5 behaviors moms can do to get the kids (and themselves) off to a good start.


The Recession Improved My Relationship

The recession has had the oddest effect on me. It's made me happier.


I Am a Shallow Mommy

When I was in high school I wanted very badly to be a cheerleader. I thought it was the direct means to becoming as popular as possible. I didn't make it. I'm still bitter.


Why I Could Kiss My Cell Phone

Cell phones are a mom's best friend. You can keep tabs on your teenagers and you don't have to worry if they go past curfew because you can just dial or text and nail them right then.


Who Put the Pipe In Popeye's Mouth?

My mother's generation did not experience the same fervor to make things fair like we do. Take the time my brother and I were drawing nicely at the card table. I was seven years old and Mark was five. My parents were entertaining another couple that autumn evening and counted on the paper and crayons to keep us out of their hair.


Too Many Pillows

I'm a little surprised the multi-pillow trend on the king-size bed has not died down yet. I think it became popular when Shabby Chic hit the showrooms. A minimum of six -- not counting the two you actually use for sleep comfort -- is required to capture the look.