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An Excuse to Eat Junk Food?

Can eating steak or chocolate really determine your unborn child's sex?

Many women turn to the Chinese calendar to plan the sex of their baby, but turning to burgers or ice cream? That's a new one! Researchers from the University of Pretoria in South Africa conducted a study on knocked up mice and found that salty foods and red meat tend to produce boys, while a diet high in sugar leads to female offspring, according to the Daily Mail.


Josh Duhamel on Pregnancy Sex

Fergie's boyfriend waxes philosophical about pregnancy sex, and she's not even pregnant!


We used to get our sex tips from our OB/GYN, but now we get our pregnancy sex advice from... Josh Duhamel? In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, the Las Vegas hottie muses on a guy's trepidation about having sex during pregnancy: "Maybe you're just worried that you're going to hurt the baby. And you realize you can't hurt the baby. You've just got to do it doggie style!" Hey Josh, are you trying to tell us something? In a bizarre coincidence, our Momlogic discussion group was recently discussing that same topic. Listen in to Marilyn Kentz, Ericka Rowe, Garcelle Beauvais and Robyn Fener's steamy girl talk.