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Nanny to Mommy: STOP the Sugar Overload!

girl with lollipop

The mom of the kid I babysit reprimanded me for giving her daughter water instead of juice. WHAT?


It's Your Fault Your Kid Is Violent

kid with toy gun

I am sorry to be a buzzkill, but it is not cute or funny when your kid points a gun at me and shoots (even if it is a toy)!


Why I Win the Mommy Title

nanny and child waving goodbye to mother

That's right -- I said it ... your kid could possibly like me more than you. And here's why.


No Thanks, I Don't Do Dog Poop

Puppy chewing slipper

Now don't get me wrong, your puppy is cute. Its floppy ears and excited energy are easy to get carried away with, but I DON'T DO PETS! They are messy, they smell, and this one is not trained.


Infantino WTF?

infantino baby carrier
I'm judging you. You are walking around with this thing around your neck and carrying your kid around like a sack of potatoes.


Nanny Diaries: CPR is a Must!

mom giving CPR to kid

I recently renewed my CPR + First Aid certification, and with the recent news of Billy Bob Thornton's daughter's tragic babysitting experience, I am so glad that I did. In fact, I would say that any parent that does not require it of their childcare provider is a fool.


Nanny Diaries: My Best-Kept Secret

Mother holding baby boy's hands while walking

Under normal circumstances, I believe in complete honesty: I tell you everything that goes on throughout the day, the good and bad. If one of your kids uses bad language, or if one exhibits a great kindness to another, you hear about it. But I will never tell you this.


Your Kid's Potty Mouth

It was nice weather this week, so when you asked me to take your kids to the water park, I figured it was a pretty good deal. It was sunny, I was bringing along a friend because three toddlers at a water park is just too much for anyone, but then your daughter opened her mouth and let out a stream of bad words.