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Boob Tube Bender

boob tube bender
In the past three months since becoming a mom, thanks to nonstop breastfeeding, I've spent a phenomenally disgusting number of hours in front of the television. And to my delight: there is some freaking fantastic stuff out there. Here are my top three new obsessions.


Ten Ways to Enjoy Your New Babe

Long before I gave birth, I fully understood that the first three months of motherhood were going to be an adventure -- and by adventure, I mean slightly terrifying. So I've been delighted to discover all sorts of unexpected little activities that have helped brighten my first few months of parenthood. I share my top ten with you here.


Dispatch from Le Date de Sex

Young couple preparing to kiss at restaurant table

There we were, on our first postpartum rendezvous: playing Speak Love Make Love, whilst our squishy little tiny-toed newborn slept, swaddled and snoring, in our bedroom. If someone had described this snapshot to me just one year ago, I would have been dubious on all counts.


A Different Kind of Threesome

couple embracing in bed with shocked baby

A sex date is on the books. The day and time have officially been set. After a several-week postpartum hiatus, I am about to make my grand reentrance into the world of what my Gramma likes to call "intimate relations." My Return to Romance Tour, if you will.



Mom Stalker
Since becoming a mom ten weeks ago, Babies "R" Us has become one of The Places I Frequent (much the way "restaurants," say, and "the gym" used to be such places). And, without fail, each time I enter this nightmare of an establishment, I experience what can only be described as a CRUSHING ANXIETY ATTACK.