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Michele Ashamalla

Do It Yourself!

woman fixing car
I know that "no man is an island," but we shouldn't be outsourcing basic tasks. The biggest savings will come from cooking instead of eating out or getting takeout. Don't like to cook? Try some super-easy recipes!


The Consequences of Being Messy

messy room
Last week, I found myself at the end of my rope. It seemed that everywhere I turned, there was another pile of stuff for me to deal with!


We Love Our Home Warranty!

American Home Shield
When you buy a house, you often get a free year on a home-warranty plan. We got our free year almost fifteen years ago -- and have been renewing it ever since!


You Say It's Your Birthday ....

Birthday Cake
Signing your kids up for various birthday clubs is a no-brainer. Kids like mail and they like more stuff. While we might not like more stuff, we feel better about it if it's not costing us anything. 



birthday party
Thank you to the families who RSVP'd. Thank you to all the people who made it to the party without calling and asking for directions while I was frantically getting ready. Thank you to the parents who stayed to help supervise. Thank you to the lifeguard for being on the ball and pulling a little girl out of the pool ....


Clever Cooking ... or Too Frugal For You?

I'm all for saving energy and I'm a big multitasker, so when I heard that there are people who cook on their car engine while they're driving and in the dishwasher while they're running it, I have to admit I was entranced. 


Tame the Artwork Clutter!

kid painting

If you have a young child, I'm pretty sure you have a bunch of "art" projects around the house -- with more coming in every day. I'm thrilled that my children are creative, but really, how many painted macaroni necklaces must we keep?!


Back-to-School Savings! Act Fast!

school supplies
Our big tradition is a new back-to-school outfit to wear on the first day of school. Target's our standby, but we went shopping today, and there are a bunch of great printable coupons out there that are good for a few days only!