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Michele Ashamalla

Goodbye, Sweet Summer

woman at the beach
I can't believe the end of August is here. I had such grand plans for the summer. I'd like to say I did all of those things I set out to do, but I didn't.


Reduce, Reuse, REPAIR, Recycle

woman repairing
When getting ready for the beginning of school, we found that we didn't need new backpacks; a couple of them just needed a little makeover.


What's the REAL Cost of My Kids' Bag Lunches?

I used to always pack my kids' lunches, secure in the idea that what I could give them was healthier than what they would get at school, and that it was saving us money, too. Wrong!


Can Somebody Please Help Me?

woman using laptop computer
I feel perpetually overwhelmed. So when a friend mentioned "virtual assistants," I thought it was worth a look. I couldn't believe that there were sites that would complete personal tasks for you for $2! 


Want to Save on Medical Bills? Stay Healthy

mom and daughter exercise
Last week, my 5-year-old fell off her bike right on her face. She knocked one of her front teeth into a position that I haven't seen outside of a pamphlet for donations to fix cleft palates. 


How to Pack Your Kid's Lunch More Efficiently

A lot of lunches get packed in our house. My three kids pack lunches for school and camp, and my husband packs one for work, too. After years of doing this, we've got a system, and it works pretty well for us.


Save Big Bucks on a Family Roadtrip

family road trip

When on my roadtrip, I came up with a list of money-saving tips for travel. These saved me time and time again ....


Road Trippin': How to Save Money on Hotels

family checkin in at hotel

The best deals I got were often on the hotel's website, which would advertise some last-minute or summer special. On one occasion (for a hotel in Las Vegas), I mentioned that I'd found a lower price on TravelWorm.com, and the hotel said they would match it after verification. That saved $40 a night.