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Michele Ashamalla

Road Trippin': Save Big Bucks on a Rental Car

woman using computer

I went on all the websites of the major car-rental agencies. I found plenty of deals for smaller cars, but minivans are a hot commodity. With some determination, here's how I eventually saved $300 ....


Camp Out in Your Own Backyard

family camping out

It's inexpensive and close by. You can do it after dinner in your own kitchen, or even after dinner out. The bathrooms aren't scary in the least. If you have a firepit or chimenea to roast marshmallows in, it's even better.


7 Fun, Cheap and (Almost) Free Summer Activities

Summer is here, and my kids lie around for a week or so, then like to get busy. I've made a list of some fun and free (or close to free) summer activities to keep them occupied. Enjoy!


Have a Party and Keep Your House Clean!

people at the picnic table

We had a first communion in our family recently and intended to have a small party afterwards. But the thought of having fifty people over to the house wore me out ... so I came up with an affordable, out-of-the-box solution.


Is It OK to Hang Out Socially with Your Kid's Teacher?


During Teacher Appreciation Week, I offered to make my son's teacher a dinner, which I intended to drop off at school when it was convenient for him. I think he heard "make you dinner," because he told me what days he would be free to come over. Gulp!


Sometimes It's OK to Pay Full Price

Watermelon for sale

Cutting corners and bargain shopping is second nature for me, but every so often I think it's OK to spend more dough on the people you love.


How to Send Flowers on the Cheap

woman holding flowers

Who doesn't like getting flowers?! But their hefty price tag often stinks. Recession Mama tells us how to send flowers without breaking the bank.


FREE Photo Books? We're In!

Hot Prints

I have a digital camera and can manage to upload my photos to my computer. Then, most of the time, there they sit. Occasionally, my husband has a burst of energy and orders a bunch of prints. But recently, a friend turned me on to HotPrints -- which solved my photo problem.