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Michele Ashamalla

Does Being a Woman = Higher Prices?

a woman buying groceries

Products marketed for women are often more expensive than the equivalent product marketed for men, according to Consumer Reports. I've suspected this for years!


Move Over, eBay

woman working on computer

I love eBay's online auctions, but I have a new favorite. It's not iOffer or eCRATER, though I have purchased items on both those sites. My new favorite is BiddingForGood.com -- it allows me to do some good for the world while I score big deals.


Would You Get Bumped?

family at the airport
family at the airport

If it meant getting some extra cash and FREE meal vouchers, would you be willing to change flights last-minute?

We just had a lovely spring break in the South. We spent a couple of days on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, toured around Savannah, Georgia, and finished up with some time with my in-laws just outside of Orlando, Florida. We had a crazy-early flight back, though ....


Board Games for Two Bucks or Less!

connect four

Get a couple of games for the Easter basket, or be ready with a last-minute birthday party gift with this great deal: Score Connect 4, Monopoly and Bop It! for $2 or less each at Target!


Swap It!

woman using computer

Don't have cash? Try the barter system instead!


Spring Break on a Budget

family on airplane

Are you dreading the vacation ahead because you're low on cash? No worries: I have some ideas that will keep your kids entertained -- and you in the black!


Believe It: Loyalty Cards Save You Money!

Woman at checkout counter

Be sure to take advantage of market and restaurant loyalty cards. They could save you hundreds!

Recession Mama Michele Ashamalla: We all know about loyalty cards, and many of us feel it's not worth our time to fill in the forms and then have to locate and swipe a card whenever we buy something. Well, let me tell you: The process has gotten a lot easier -- and the rewards are getting really good. 


Yes, I Love My Kids, But ... I Want to Be Alone!

woman in bathtub

My husband took my kids camping for the weekend. ALL of my kids. FOR THE WEEKEND.  (Did I say how much I love my husband?)