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michelle kemper brownlow

Whose Kid is THAT?

woman watching girl sreaming

Shoppers are staring. Spaghetti sauce is covering aisle 6 ... (sigh) and my shoes. His siren-like scream has moms from three counties speed-dialing Child Protective Services. He flails his body, hits his head, and screams louder. The moms who haven't called for backup are giving me "that look." Admit it, you would be, too.


What Would You Do with a Million Dollars?

stack of money
A few weeks ago, a 70-something couple from Nova Scotia won over $11 million and gave almost all of it away. This got me thinking what I would do if I won just one million dollars ....


Protecting Kids Online

kid using computer
We hear it over and over: "Monitor what your child is doing online!" It's a huge job, especially when every Tom, Dick and Harry can start a website and funnel your kids to it. Here's help.


Parents vs. Teachers

mom talking to teacher
When there's trouble at school, teachers sometimes expect parents to fix the problem -- and parents sometimes expect teachers to. The problem lies in BOTH parties thinking it is the other's job.


Different Rules for Different Kids

rules book
I allowed my 12-year-old son to have a Facebook account after I had previously set a rule that no one in our house under the age of 14 would have one. Here's why.


What Kind of Mom Are You in Public?

mom hugging daughter
Why is it that we sometimes act like different people when we are in public? Isn't it a little vain for us to assume that we are truly THAT great that everyone is looking in our direction? I think it's safe to say we can each be categorized as one of the following three moms .... 


Nosy Neighbors

nosy woman at a window
I once ran into a neighbor who said, "Where did you get your new office furniture? It is really nice!" This man has NEVER been in my house. He is apparently a closet drive-by peeping Tom! Eww. 


Newsflash: I'm Not a 'Christian Hypocrite'

judgemental woman
I am born again. I pray, go to Bible studies and teach teens about Jesus ... but I also gossip, tell white lies and say bad words. Does this make me a hypocrite? Abso-freakin-lutely NOT!