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michelle kemper brownlow

Tweens Having Boyfriends

Boy and girl smiling
Two weeks ago, my 12-year-old daughter walked into the room with this: "Mom, Amy just texted me that Brett wants to go out with me. He's asking her to ask me, right now." 


Go Greek!

Go Greek
I can't imagine what college life would have been like if I hadn't had 100+ women my age to fall back on when no one else was around -- women who had the same goals and virtues I had, and whom I could trust with anything. Truth be told, being a member of a Greek organization was SO FREAKING FUN! 


A Mom's Job-Related Risks

emergency room
Either I am a total klutz (as some would agree with much passion), or this job should come with special insurance! 


The Scary Truth about Cured Meats

kid eating hot dog
The nitrites used to preserve all cured meats and give them their fresh color turns to a carcinogen when the meat is cooked.


My 13-Year-Old's Cell-Phone Petition

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest sat my husband and me down at the kitchen table for a conversation that was a role-reversal of sorts. This child was turning 13 in two weeks, and was apparently preparing his case for his most coveted gift: a cell phone. 


Why My Kids DON'T Want To Be Famous

hollywood walk of fame
My kids were invited to a talent-scout convention. Here they would receive training, give a monologue on stage, walk the runway and then have the opportunity to meet and interview with forty representatives from top agencies around the world ....


Better Than Therapy: Mommy BFFs

two woman drinking wine
They are there at a moment's notice. I watch their kids, no questions asked. They know that they can be brutally honest with me and I will love them just the same. They are my support, my strength, my sisters, my sanity. They are my BFFs.


My EPIC Mom Freak-Out!

woman freaking out
Never have I pulled the car over. But I was at my limit. My 5-year-old son was screaming, tensions were rising, I was trying to yell over the noise, my other two kids were whining about welts and bruises AND I WAS TRYING TO DRIVE THE FREAKING CAR